What to Look for at Apple’s WWDC 2016

Rumors are flying ahead of Apple’s annual Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC), scheduled to kick off June 13th in San Francisco.

Although the company is always cagey about planned announcements at WWDC, there are a few things I’ll be watching for at this year’s event – advances that could impact wireless and messaging for millions of mobile users around the world.

Siri Integrations With Third-Party Apps

It’s widely believed that Apple will announce major improvements to Siri at WWDC 2016. The most interesting possibility could be the release of a software development kit that allows developers to integrate Siri into third-party apps. If they do, that means you could ultimately tell Siri to order lunch through GrubHub or book a flight through Travelocity rather than navigating the apps yourself.

iMessage Enhancements

Buzz about chat bots (like NetSfere’s Net-C) is growing in leaps and bounds. With so many tech companies jumping on the AI bandwagon, some experts have speculated that Apple may announce the integration of AI capabilities into its messaging platform. However, the safer bet is that iMessage will gain the ability to support person-to-person payments leveraging Apple Pay.

watchOS Upgrade

No one expects Apple to announce the release of new wearable hardware. It’s more likely that Apple will continue to improve the operating system for Apple Watch to make it easier to use. Why is that important? Because like I suggested in a previous post, the evolution of wearables and the Internet of Things have significant implications for enterprise messaging.

Apple has surprised us in the past, so it’s not beyond the realm of possibility that Tim Cook and company will pull another rabbit out of the hat at WWDC 2016.
But for the most part, I’m expecting this year’s conference to focus on measured improvements to existing technologies rather than the announcement of the next must-have Apple gadget.

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